David Yan

I am a second year undergraduate in Computer Science at Princeton University pursuing minors in applied mathematics and philosophy. I am currently a member of the Princeton Vision & Learning Lab led by Jia Deng .

Broadly, my research interests are in computer vision and enabling models to reason about the visual world. In philosophy, I am interested in philosophy of mind, cognitive science, and consciousness.

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Infinigen Indoors: Photorealistic Indoor Scenes using Procedural Generation

Alexander Raistrick*, Lingjie Mei*, Karhan Kaan Kayan*, David Yan, Yiming Zuo, Beining Han, Hongyu Wen, Meenal Parakh, Stamatis Alexandropoulos, Lahav Lipson, Zeyu Ma, Jia Deng
CVPR 2024

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Infinigen: Infinite Photorealistic Worlds using Procedural Generation

Alexander Raistrick*, Lahav Lipson*, Zeyu Ma* (*equal contribution, alphabetical order), Lingjie Mei, Mingzhe Wang, Yiming Zuo, Karhan Kayan, Hongyu Wen, Beining Han, Yihan Wang, Alejandro Newell, Hei Law, Ankit Goyal, Kaiyu Yang, Jia Deng
CVPR 2023
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Computer Science

COS217 Introduction to Programming Systems (C and Assembly)
COS226 Algorithms and Data Structures
COS240 Reasoning About Computation (Discrete Math)
COS324 Introduction to Machine Learning
COS316 Principles of Computer System Design
COS418 Distributed Systems
COS429 Computer Vision
COS445 Economics and Computing (Voting and Auction Theory)
COS598 Systems and Machine Learning


MAT201 Multivariable Calculus
MAT204 Advanced Linear Algebra with Applications
ORF309 Probability and Stochastic Systems

Philosophy and more

FRS133 Knowing Minds (Philosophy of Mind)
POL210 Political Theory
PHI383 Freedom and Responsibility
POL388 Causes of War

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